How to become Networking Engineer{2018} {best} {guide} perfect Route to success 😊😊😊

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The process to become network Engineer?

Yes, choosing network engineering route can be a great idea and might help you in getting into the world of IT. Till now I heard many questions about “What is the process to become network engineer” or “What is network engineering any guides to get into this”. Well, Network Engineering can be a huge improvement in the life of them who are thinking to get into it as it will change your life believe me.

There are and will be many reasons that an individual will like to study network engineering:-great pay, great companies, good benefits, or to simply work with great amount of new technology. In addition, network engineering provides huge salary package trust me it will change your standard of living.

network engineer image
It is not the easiest. Coming to the point as you know about the competition is in the air everyone wants to best in their field and hence hard work is the key to success.most of the network engineer choose to work on devices such as such as Routers, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points and Controllers, Switches, Load Balancers, Prevention Systems as well as some server maintenance involving virtualization and network management software and Intrusion Detection.

Degree Level               
Bachelor's degree required though some employers prefer Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees
Degree Fields                      
Computer science, information systems, or computer engineering
Voluntary certification is available through software companies like Microsoft and Cisco
5-10 years working in network administration usually required
Key Skills             
Analytical and problem-solving skills; aptitude for creativity and design, customer-service skills; the ability to lead a team; knowledge of mathematics, telecommunications, and electronics; ability to use analytical, network security, network monitoring, and administration software programs; familiarity with network analyzers, network switches, and wireless LAN servers
Median Salary   (2016)*           
$100,240 yearly (for computer network architects)

How to become a network engineer with no experience :

1      First, you have to get a Bachelor's Degree

-         You have to get any bachelor degree in general science with computer option like IP and MWT.most of the school offers degree within 4-years programs these programs provide learning through different lesson and procedures for resolving problems within computer networks. If you want to get a degree which should be worth you should try internships. Benefit for you will be Completing internships to gain practical experience in the industry.

          2-   Try to find the stable job.

-         Experience is must in every field of job and salary is dependent on it. In fact, I would say top programmes in the realm of Hardware and Networking are :

                   1. Linux- As we know with most networking operating systems based on Linux and the amount of Linux-based projects which is OpenStack growing, Linux skills are a requirement for networking pros and yes I’m going to suggest that one of the most important areas we as network engineers can focus on in Linux.

{UPDATED} {2018} Network engineer job salary :) {Clear all doubts about Network Engineering} 😊😊

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How much you make as a Network Engineering.

For your Queries about the Network Engineering here are the perfect Answers to your all questions :)  :

Network engineer job salary -

network engineering imageYou have not to worry about what should be my salary as being a NETWORK ENGINEER or how much can I get and which are the cities or localities where I can get the handsome amount of salary package. so here are some notes which will help you a bit.
  1. As coming to jobs and salary perspective here I want you to know that in India the basic salary starts from 70,000 INR yes I am talking about any fresher who is starting up with the job and have zero job experience.
  2. Everyone has a different set of skills and that varies from person to person. People say that I have completed networking courses but why the heck I am not able to achieve good salary. If you want to get the salary at high rates you have to improve your skills 
  3. Then it comes the area which your working, Sometimes people says that am I the only one who is living in an area where there are no job opportunities. I have something below that will help you out if you are going through this problem:-  
Rs 120K
Rs 290K
Rs 640K
MEDIAN: Rs 291,018

Rs 0Rs 681K
SalaryRs 124,478 - Rs 643,224
BonusRs 0.00 - Rs 96,126
Profit SharingRs 0.00 - Rs 58,819
CommissionRs 20,000
Total Pay (?)Rs 127,183 - Rs 681,375
  • the two link given above and chart might help you.
  # The normal average salary of a skilled network engineer is known to be 294,275 INR per year.But yes location affects salary.

We also get the networking engineer job descriptions below to help you get into the perfect surety of your job

network engineering image

Network Engineering Guide {Trusted Worldwide}

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Network Engineer
network engineer images

If you want to become a successful Network Engineer or the question peeps in your mind saying how to become a network administrator. All you have to be is the best communicator among your field and you have to polish your skills every day, you have to be a great problem solver.


πŸ‘‰ SAN- A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a specialized, high-speed network that provides block-level network access to storage
SANs are often used to:
1.Improve application availability (e.g., multiple data paths) Enhance application performance (e.g., off-load storage functions, segregate networks, etc.)

2. Increase storage utilization and effectiveness (e.g., consolidate storage resources, provide tiered storage, etc.), and improve data protection and security.

πŸ‘‰ MAN- MANs are extremely efficient and provide fast communication via high-speed carriers, such as fiber optic cables. MANs are used to build networks with high data connection speeds for cities and towns.

πŸ‘‰ CAN- A controller area network (CAN) is a serial bus network of micro controllers that connects devices, sensors and actuators in a system or sub-system for real-time control applications. Beyond automobiles, controller area networks can be used as an embedded communication system for micro controllers as well as an open communication system for intelligent devices.

πŸ‘‰ PAN- A personal area network (PAN) is a technology that could enable wearable computer devices to communicate with other nearby computers and exchange digital information using the electrical conductivity of the human body as a data network.
PANs main role is eliminating cables connecting devices to peripherals.
πŸ‘‰ LAN- A local area network (LAN) is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link to a server. LANs are capable of transmitting data at very fast rates, much faster than data can be transmitted over a telephone line; but the distances are limited and there is also a limit.

πŸ‘‰ DAN- The Desk Area Network (DAN) is a multimedia workstation based around an ATM interconnect. All communication between peripherals and even between the CPU and its main memory is achieved by sending ATM cells through a switch fabric.

network engineer images


Computer networking salary is as same as of a Network engineer coz both are same.
A Network Engineer earns or network admin salary is around Rs 294,275 per year.
Experience strongly influences income for this job. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Network Security Management, Switches & Firewall Installation and Administration, and TCP/IP. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years' experience in this career and you know great experience=more opportunity.

The salary of network Engineers depends on the capability, skills and the the Network engineers in the city of India, for example, can be paid type or sector of the organization you work for. Other factors that add to salary is the value of the IT infrastructure, so considerably less than in the city of London.Income figures are intended as a guide only.The senior network engineer salary goes on around Rs 529,375 per year.


Here are some network technician job description or network engineer job description that you must see:

πŸ‘Degree Level - Bachelor's degree; master's degree is beneficial for career advancement

πŸ‘Degree Field -Computer science, information technology, engineering, or a computer-related field

πŸ‘Certification - Voluntary industry certification available

πŸ‘Experience - 5-10 years experience usually required

πŸ‘Key Skills - 1. Analytical, customer service, organization, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

2.attention to detail and ability to work in teams; familiarity with field-specific software, such as administration, network monitoring, network security and configuration management software.
3.ability to use related tools, such as network analyzers and network switches.

πŸ‘Job Outlook - (2014-2024)* 9% increase

πŸ‘how much does a engineer make = Average Salary- (2015)* $103,100

πŸ‘Network engineers need at least a bachelors' degree in computer science, information technology, engineering or another computer-related field. Some programs might offer a concentration in network security networking jobs.


πŸ˜‰ A network engineer needs:

*good communication skills.
*a logical approach to problem-solving.
*a high level of patience.
*an interest in electronics and computers.
*to keep up-to-date with technological advances.


πŸ˜‰ Work experience is very beneficial for the best salary packages of network engineer which is gained by working for many years and learning more things. Being on the user end of IT systems is useful, too, as it gives you an idea of the types of problems that may arise.

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How To Become A Network Engineer ? Honest and Simplified Answers

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How To Become A Network Engineer?  Honest and Simplified Answers 

What does the Network Engineer's Do?😱

Network Engineers are the engineers who work for the
company's computer network or Internet network to make it accessible for the every employees and worker of the company. 
They work on all types of networks like  Wide area Network 
(WAN), Local area network (LAN). They must have skills to analyze what is necessary for the company's communication and are up to date with all the latest upgrades in the technology for the smooth functioning of the Work.